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Eye of the Rainbow Serpent

Eye of the Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent Series

Of exotic mixed-race heritage, Chloe Quartpot lives an isolated life on the vast Venus Downs cattle station in the Kimberleys of Western Australia. One day on walkabout with her beloved indigenous grandfather, Johnny Quartpot she is shown a sacred site and he gives her a red stone – the eye of the rainbow serpent.

Johnny swears her to secrecy as custodian of the site, but after his sudden disappearance and presumed death and the advances of the station owner’s sons, Carl and Walter Boyce, she decides to leave Venus Downs for Perth.

She experiences racial prejudice, but her beauty leads her into modelling and soon catches the eye of a London agent, Paul LeClair. Known simply as “Chloe” she soon becomes and international supermodel.

However, her life begins to spiral out of control as successive men seek to possess and control her, often with deadly consequences.

From outback Western Australia to London, this is an exciting, fast paced
story about passion, murder and cruelty of human greed.

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